Ordered 2 gallons of Liquid Caffeine and its awesome! I can make anything an energy drink and support my insane caffeine habits for a fraction the cost of energy drinks. We made a special request that someone draw a dragon on the bottle because dragons are awesome and when the product showed up what should we find but a totally sweet dragon drawn on one of the bottles! Thanks Liquid Caffeine for being awesome. Also the pump is awesome, highly recommend.

Jeff S.

I’ve been using this product from Grant and company for a few years and as I am NOT a soft drink or coffee drinker, this form of caffeine is PERFECT for my lifestyle! The company is slightly incredible in their response to an order. I live in northern NY now but it really doesn’t matter as they send the order out immediately and I usually get it in LESS than a week! While all users have their own way of consuming this substance, I, personally, take a teaspoon swig and chase it with OJ. I use it for sports, coaching and driving long distances and while my family may think this old man is crazy, this Liquid Caffeine is an extremely cost effective method for an energy boost as well as Grant’s very efficient processing system!

Robin A.

My husband and I love this product! I traded my large sugary cappuccinos for caffeinated water, and my husband drinks less sodas now. I lost a few pounds, and now we both drink more water, as we all should. This is much healthier than the sugary options, or those Monster drinks that put some people in the hospital. Of course you must be careful when measuring, so this is great for responsible adults. I recommend starting with a minimal dose & if you still don’t feel awake, slightly increase it the next time. That way you’ll find the right dose without overdoing it. Thanks, Liquid Caffeine!!


There isn’t a better deal out there if you need/want caffeine. Drop [1 Pump] of this in your favorite citrus drink, and you will have an instant energy drink. The citrus flavor will cut the bitterness of the caffeine; you won’t even notice it’s in there until you feel your blood rushing. Highly recommend this to hardcore caffeine drinkers. Your bank account will thank you.

Omar S.

This stuff got me through law school. Have found nothing better. I highly recommend it.


Definitely the best product ever made! I took a challenge to lose some weight earlier this year and I chose to cut out soda completely. Without Liquid Caffeine I don’t think I would have been functional. Who wants to pay five or six bucks a day for energy drinks and coffee when you can get it for pennies in your gatorade? This stuff is awesome. I’ve lost 30 lbs this year and have kept it off with a healthy diet. I’ve let soda creep back in a little, but not nearly as much now that I’ve got my Liquid Caffeine to take care of my energy needs! Thanks so much for an awesome product!!!


The package arrived! Quicker than I thought it would. I must say thanks again. The small packets are amazing. Def going to have one on me at all times. For my first test I just added it to a 20oz bottle of water. I was expecting some kind of taste, but there was nothing at all. Tasted just like plain water. That really blew my mind. This should be sold everywhere, I mean you can make water into an energy drink. Who wouldn’t love that? Everyone in the office loves it. I have been handing them out to people, so far all is great! I’ve tried them in pretty much everything, water, non-caffeinated sodas, pretty much whatever I’m drinking! I could have never thought how quick it would work. Way faster than an energy drink!


The Liquid Caffeine arrived very fast, as advertised, and when tested, it worked immediately. I could feel it for about four hours, there was no crash, and it kept me awake for the rest of the day. Highly recommended and I plan on advertising it to all of my friends now. Compared to other energy supplements, Liquid Caffeine is very cheap, and works way better than expected.

Sterling M.

I have ordered 3 32oz bottles and I have to say Grant is a stud.. Super prompt shipping and feedback. Every time I get an email it is very personal and asking for sincere feedback from me!!! You can tell he is building his company with the most important thing first ..the customer!!! All that crap aside the product ROCKS!!!! I use it everyday. I add it to Mio and green tea…tastes great and works awesome!!! I also noticed it’s a very “clean” energy, hard to explain but it feels refined. No jitters. No crash. I highly recommend it.

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