I love Liquid Caffeine! I have been doing “keto and Intermittent fasting” now for about a year and unfortunately for me coffee makes me nauseous and just feel sick. But since I found Liquid Caffeine I still get my morning “pick me up” without breaking my fast or any extra stuff (i.e. sugar, food coloring and a bunch of other stuff I can’t pronounce). Best recipe: 8oz heated water, a half of a lemon juiced, 2 pumps of liquid caffeine. No better way to start the day!

Gus B.

I purchased 4 bottles of Liquid Caffeine and I’m disappointed… that I didn’t buy 8! I love caffeinating my smoothies and water. Not only is it extremely convenient and cost effective, it’s the best caffeine buzz I’ve had in years!

Tammy T.

This is good stuff. I usually drink black tea all day – but I’m tired of it. I don’t like coffee. Doctor says I shouldn’t use Splenda (so that rules out all diet drinks). Regular soda has too many calories. I wanted to caffeinate flavored tea or lemonade or even water. Half a pump in the 24 oz cup I sip on works great to keep my energy levels up all day. It has no flavor of its own – I’ve put in in plain water and I can’t even taste it. I will be continue buying this stuff.


My dental hygienist LOVES the fact that I gave up my 2 cup of coffee per day habit. I like not losing money in vending machines, not cleaning coffee machines, and not disposing of coffee grounds. I’ll be ordering my 3rd bottle shortly.

Justin B.

I used to use one of the famous coffee pod coffeemakers. I would need to use at least two of them in the morning and another one or two at lunch. Not only was this expensive, it was incredibly wasteful. Now, I’ll add two teaspoons of liquid caffeine to a water and be good to go! I get a good, steady, non-jittery boost without the resulting crash of an energy drink. It’s like with the multi-symptom medicine you can buy. Why take a bunch of medicine for a fever and a cough when all you have is a runny nose? I love being able to add JUST caffeine to a drink and to add the amount that I want. I bought the two bottle deal (regular) and take one bottle to work with me for an afternoon pick me up. I love this stuff!

Gabe & Hailey F.

We’ve been ordering Liquid Caffeine since 2014. Liquid Caffeine is absolutely essential for us during our long office work days and gym routines. When we go on hiking trips or travel we buy the packets for convenience. I am very happy with the choices the website provides and the quality of the product. We save a ton of money using Liquid Caffeine. Thank you guys for being awesome!

Stephen K.

I’ve been a returning customer for over 8 years now (back when this place was called 5150 juice!) This stuff is absolutely perfect to cut costs and still get the energy needed to get through a 15 hour work day, 7-days a week (Thanks US Navy for working me to death). Being a submariner, this stuff is VITAL for underways. Months underwater without seeing the sunlight, this keeps me going. Shipping has always been quick. I’ve only had an issue once, when a few of my bottles exploded in the mail, and they immediately sent me the replacements, with nothing out of pocket. These people are amazing. I recommend this to everyone I know. Again, thank you for existing, and having such great customer service. I see myself returning for years to come.

Scott K.

I’ve been trying to reduce my consumption of soda for years, but always ran into problems with major headaches when I didn’t get the caffeine that they provide. I don’t drink coffee, so soda was my only way to get it. Then I found Liquid Caffeine and I have been able to largely cut soda out of my life. I just put a shot of Liquid Caffeine into seltzer water and I’m good to go.

Brad J.

I have cut down my coffee intake to one cup in the morning. Now I have 7-up with caffeine and I can get going sooner.

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