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  • This stuff got me through law school. Have found nothing better. I highly recommend it.

    Omar S.

  • I had been using a large bottle that I got from them back when they were 5150 and now that I’m trying to lose weight again it was time for some more to replace my energy drinks. I put it in LaCroix or other sparkling waters and it’s just as effective and waaaayyy better for you. Customer service is fantastic. I had an issue with my shipment and emailed them. They took care of it first thing on the next business day, it was Saturday when I emailed. They gave me zero hassle and went beyond my expectations to resolve the issue. I will use Liquid Caffeine without hesitation again and again.

    Philip W.

  • Awesome product. My husband and I have been ordering regularly since June 2015. In our hectic lives, we usually don’t have time for a real breakfast on weekdays. 10ml of this stuff adds 160mg of caffeine to our breakfast protein shakes that we take with us for the drive to work. This product gives our breakfast shortcut the kick that we need to get that extra edge for morning productivity.


  • I have ordered 3 32oz bottles and I have to say Grant is a stud.. Super prompt shipping and feedback. Every time I get an email it is very personal and asking for sincere feedback from me!!! You can tell he is building his company with the most important thing first ..the customer!!! All that crap aside the product ROCKS!!!! I use it everyday. I add it to Mio and green tea…tastes great and works awesome!!! I also noticed it’s a very “clean” energy, hard to explain but it feels refined. No jitters. No crash. I highly recommend it.

    Sterling M.

  • 2 tablespoons in my 28 oz water bottles, and my 50 mile bike rides zip on by. LOVE THIS STUFF!!


  • I love Liquid Caffeine! I have been doing “keto and Intermittent fasting” now for about a year and unfortunately for me coffee makes me nauseous and just feel sick. But since I found Liquid Caffeine I still get my morning “pick me up” without breaking my fast or any extra stuff (i.e. sugar, food coloring and a bunch of other stuff I can’t pronounce). Best recipe: 8oz heated water, a half of a lemon juiced, 2 pumps of liquid caffeine. No better way to start the day!


  • My dental hygienist LOVES the fact that I gave up my 2 cup of coffee per day habit. I like not losing money in vending machines, not cleaning coffee machines, and not disposing of coffee grounds. I’ll be ordering my 3rd bottle shortly.


  • I have spent more money than I like to admit on every kind of pre workout formula made. Nothing comes close to this product. The energy is amazing. But what blows me away is what it does to my focus for the entire day. I get to the gym at 4:45 am, a few pumps of this, and I’m ready to go. No crashing, no nothing. Perfect.

    Scott M

  • Just placed my second order. I had been taking expensive energy supplements with mixed results. I decided to try your product and you made me into a repeat customer. It has already got me through a 60 hour workweek. I’ve given it to a couple of co-workers and they like it also. Carry it in an energy shot bottle. On workdays, 1 teaspoon with my coffee in the morning and depending on the day 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons in water during break times. Keeps me focused and energized.


  • I don’t leave reviews, let alone testimonials. However, this product deserves just that. I’ve saved money not buying energy drinks and making my own. This caffeine (for me) works better than any energy drink could as well. As a skeptical buyer, I highly recommend this product.

    Thomas N.

  • I’m making home-made energy drinks because I don’t like how any of the ones on the market taste but I love the feeling they give me. I got Liquid Caffeine to put in my own drinks to experiment with different tastes. I love the product and it makes it so that I can make my own drinks for a fraction of the price!


  • Definitely the best product ever made! I took a challenge to lose some weight earlier this year and I chose to cut out soda completely. Without Liquid Caffeine I don’t think I would have been functional. Who wants to pay five or six bucks a day for energy drinks and coffee when you can get it for pennies in your gatorade? This stuff is awesome. I’ve lost 30 lbs this year and have kept it off with a healthy diet. I’ve let soda creep back in a little, but not nearly as much now that I’ve got my Liquid Caffeine to take care of my energy needs! Thanks so much for an awesome product!!!


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