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  • Ok, after using Liquid Caffeine for almost a year, telling my friends about it, and being incredibly pleased at the options, I’m now writing to say…if you are wasting money on all of that over-sugared “rock-star” type drink mush crap; do yourself a favor and purchase LIQUID CAFFEINE immediately. Try it with your favorite fruit juice, a smoothie or as a small dash in your coffee for an extra boost. Smooth and clean, and no crash. I always drink 30 minutes before my morning run,
    and it gets me out and fueled up for a productive day. Keeps me well alert until the normal 3pm taper-off. This IS the ONLY product that works as described. Seriously. Thank you to all of those at LIQUID CAFFEINE for an outstanding product!

    Stephen F.

  • The package arrived! Quicker than I thought it would. I must say thanks again. The small packets are amazing. Def going to have one on me at all times. For my first test I just added it to a 20oz bottle of water. I was expecting some kind of taste, but there was nothing at all. Tasted just like plain water. That really blew my mind. This should be sold everywhere, I mean you can make water into an energy drink. Who wouldn’t love that? Everyone in the office loves it. I have been handing them out to people, so far all is great! I’ve tried them in pretty much everything, water, non-caffeinated sodas, pretty much whatever I’m drinking! I could have never thought how quick it would work. Way faster than an energy drink!


  • I have used Liquid Caffeine for a couple years now. Since I started I have drank very little soda and rarely drink the overly sugary “energy drinks”. I now make my own drink every morning. I highly recommend Liquid Caffeine!


  • The customer service has been fantastic and my orders have arrived expeditiously. I add the product to water with lemon flavor and Stevia to make a caffeinated beverage in the morning in place of coffee. I have not noticed a bitter aftertaste. I am a daily coffee drinker generally, and found the Liquid Caffeine gave me the same wake-up call that my normal beverage does. On mornings when I exercise, sometimes I will add Liquid Caffeine to my water, lemon and sweetener following my cup of coffee and I find I have extra energy during my workout. I heartily recommend this product. I have noticed crystallization on the nozzle after repeated use, but it washes away easily with water and does not seem to affect the taste.

    Melissa D.

  • It’s nice to not have to drink added dyes, sugars, and chemicals anymore. I can’t stand coffee, so Liquid Caffeine really is helping me make better choices. Awesome stuff!!!


  • I’ve done a testimonial already but thought it should be pointed out that there are probably 20 or 30 people using this product because of me… Every single one has the same experience… no sodas or energy drinks and just water or something like my favorite Peach flavored Clear American from WalMart. Now I spend about a dollar a day for 33+ oz of healthier hydration. Thanks for your product, Grant!

    Neil F.

  • I purchased 4 bottles of Liquid Caffeine and I’m disappointed… that I didn’t buy 8! I love caffeinating my smoothies and water. Not only is it extremely convenient and cost effective, it’s the best caffeine buzz I’ve had in years!

    Gus B.

  • Got this stuff back when it was 5150. Helped through my first year of a job with crazy hours (both time and shift length). Mixed it with OJ and it did the job just right! Make sure you dilute it but I say that not so much because of the slight bitter taste but rather the caffeine needs plenty of water to go through your bloodstream effectively. The only energy drink that could touch it was Cocaine (the actual energy drink, not the drug).


  • There isn’t a better deal out there if you need/want caffeine. Drop [1 Pump] of this in your favorite citrus drink, and you will have an instant energy drink. The citrus flavor will cut the bitterness of the caffeine; you won’t even notice it’s in there until you feel your blood rushing. Highly recommend this to hardcore caffeine drinkers. Your bank account will thank you.


  • I’ve been trying to reduce my consumption of soda for years, but always ran into problems with major headaches when I didn’t get the caffeine that they provide. I don’t drink coffee, so soda was my only way to get it. Then I found Liquid Caffeine and I have been able to largely cut soda out of my life. I just put a shot of Liquid Caffeine into seltzer water and I’m good to go.

    Scott K.

  • Great deal and an awesome product! Great for those days when you may not want coffee, but still need to wake up 😉

    Stephanie C.

  • Ordered 2 gallons of Liquid Caffeine and its awesome! I can make anything an energy drink and support my insane caffeine habits for a fraction the cost of energy drinks. We made a special request that someone draw a dragon on the bottle because dragons are awesome and when the product showed up what should we find but a totally sweet dragon drawn on one of the bottles! Thanks Liquid Caffeine for being awesome. Also the pump is awesome, highly recommend.


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