Caffeinated water is awesome!

caffeinated water clean energy boostCaffeinated water is said to provide excellent hydration backed up by a completely natural boost in energy. Although most people subscribe against caffeine, they tend to forget that the caffeine we are mostly associated with is a processed form of caffeine. This is the same caffeine that goes into making soft drinks and coffee. However, natural and pure form of caffeinated water is not likely to lead to any adverse health condition because it does not contain any preservative and rather helps in an all natural energy boost. So whether you are looking out to survive a tedious workday or are looking for some added power during workouts- this caffeinated water will truly live up to your expectations.

Get a Clean Energy Boost

One of the primary reasons why Liquid Caffeine water is better than most of the caffeine induced products is simply because unlike the processed forms of caffeine which is there in most sodas and energy drinks, this product does not come with any added calories, sugar, any artificial flavor, color or any other baffling alternative. It keeps you hydrated, boosts your energy level and also ensures that you are active and energetic throughout the day.

Excellent pre-workout drink

If you’re looking for an excellent pre-workout drink that‚ it’ll keep you fit and energetic during the workouts; caffeine water is exactly what you need. This water, with just a few caffeine drops, acts as a great isotonic drink. You will get to see visible results right from the first month. You can also mix it with 5 grams of creatine for an intra workout that‚ will leave an impact. Your workouts will be tad more intense and power packed with pure caffeinated water. It will revitalize your system and infuse and energy that‚ it’ll make you work harder, faster and in a more consistent way.

Healthy Energy Boost

Caffeinated water using Liquid Caffeine is also able to increase your level of mental alertness and heart rate. For so many of our customers, they say that they feel ‘on top of it!’ It is rich in Liquid Caffeine 32oz Regularcaffeine anhydrous which has the necessary potential in maintaining an increase in your workout rate which further plays a role in maximizing your training time. It also supports weight loss and helps you to fight against obesity as a completely natural treatment. One should take caffeinated water as it has been recommended to take along with the protein shakes, juices and water. Once can also place the recommended dose of caffeine in an empty capsule and swallow it, for equally good results.

Caffeinated Water May Contribute to Weight Loss

Caffeinated water keeps us fit, active and charged up as well. At the same time it comes with several fat losing properties. Yes! Caffeinated water actually helps you to shed those extra layers of fat and there is quite a significant relationship between caffeinated water and weight loss. Caffeinated water bucks up your metabolism rate and helps you to enjoy faster and better weight loss. On top of that, it also keeps you vitalized and energized during the entire process. Keep reading to know better about how caffeinated water promotes weight loss.

How does caffeinated water help you to mobilize the fat tissues?

Caffeine plays a significant role in stimulating the nervous system. During the process of stimulation, direct signals are sent to your fat cells which eventually break down fat, owing to these signals. Due to this reason, you enjoy better and faster results with regard to weight loss. Caffeine also plays a significant role in increasing your blood level of the adrenaline hormone, which too has benefits in weight loss. This hormone travels all the way through your blood, reaches the fat tissues and sends them several signals to release the fats in the blood. Fat is easily mobilized in this manner and the fat tissues are soon available for the free fatty acids in your blood streams.

Caffeinated water bucks up your metabolic rate

The number of calories we burn during rest is called the resting metabolic rate or the RMR. So, the higher you have the metabolic rate the easier it will be for losing weight. It will also be easier to eat without gaining any weight. According to studies and research, caffeine can increase your metabolic rate by 3-11%. The larger it increases your rate; the bigger will be its effects. Quite interestingly, more your metabolism is increased, more the burning of fat will take place. However, these effects are considerably less for the ones who are already obese. Caffeine plays a significant role in bucking up the athletic performance by 11-12% in an average basis. So if you want to buck up weight loss, right away, nothing can work better than caffeine.

Does caffeinated water help in long term weight loss?

There is one slight disadvantage of using caffeine. With time, people tend to be tolerant to the effects of caffeine. So even though caffeine boosts up your metabolic rate and bucks up fat burning in the short term, after a few minutes, they become tolerant to the effects and it totally stops working. But then, even though caffeinated water does not help in long term weight loss, it still plays a vital role in blunting your appetite and compelling you to eat less. In most cases, the relationship between caffeinated water and weight loss totally varies from person to person. So providing any idea about it will be absolutely superficial. According to a research, if you consume around one to two cups of caffeinated water every day, there’s bound to be viable and prolific benefits with regard to weight loss. Please know, that we are not making any claims here! So now that you know about caffeinated water and weight loss, consume caffeinated water in moderation and enjoy its viable benefits on the go.

How to take this water?

If you’re really looking out to ensure a healthy and active lifestyle that supports weight loss, then choose this water for the best and the most feasible results. You can always take this throughout the day between your meals. But we wouldn’t recommend you to take it at night because of its stimulating effects. The dosage of this caffeine varies from 60 to 300 mg every day. This water is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and also non vegetarians. It does not contain any kind of allergen and is highly recommended by coaches and doctors for its amazing benefits. Try this for a fitter, more active and highly energetic workout session. Check out the video below!

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