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Two 16 ounce bottles of Liquid Caffeine. Choose between Regular or Sweet.

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Two 16 ounce bottles of Liquid Caffeine. You will receive two 16 ounce bottles of Liquid Caffeine. Choose between our two flavors: Regular or Sweet. This product comes with a dispensing pump for accurate servings of Liquid Caffeine. Simply use the pump that will ship with your order to dispense Liquid Caffeine. One pump equals one cup of coffee.

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  1. S.C. (verified owner)

    Great deal and an awesome product! Great for those days when you may not want coffee, but still need to wake up 😉

  2. Trey (verified owner)

    Awesome product. My husband and I have been ordering regularly since June 2015. In our hectic lives, we usually don’t have time for a real breakfast on weekdays. 10ml of this stuff adds 160mg of caffeine to our breakfast protein shakes that we take with us for the drive to work. This product gives our breakfast shortcut the kick that we need to get that extra edge for morning productivity.

  3. Will Monzingo (verified owner)

    This caffeine has changed my life,mainly because I no longer drink power drinks. I am also able to use less caffeine because of the quality. Thank you

  4. Gerry Blondeaux (verified owner)

    This has become a staple in my home. I add a pump or two in my morning orange juice, and have energy for the rest of the day. I appreciate the ease of use with the pump. A must have if you’re looking to closely monitor your caffeine intake or want to move away from energy drinks.


  5. dazeymeow (verified owner)

    I love the pure caffeine rush! Way better than soda, coffee or an energy drink.
    There are tons of recipes so you never have the same drink day after day.
    Just go ahead and try it, you’ll love it too!!

  6. brcurtis12107 (verified owner)

    The best product ever. I use it to make my own workout blend before the gym, and I love bringing a little with me while hiking.

    Highly recommend!

  7. Jerry Jones jr (verified owner)

    The absolute best solution to get an energy boost throughout the day. I put a pump or two in my water bottle and sip it all day at work. No crashing at the end of the day like when I have an energy drink or 5 hour energy shots. It’s strictly caffeine and nothing else. I have had zero issues so far when ordering and receiving my products. The only thing I would like to see is labeling on the bottles that identify the regular vs sweet when I order both.

  8. JoLynn Wicht (verified owner)

    I purchased this thinking the unflavored could be added to my seltzer water…I was very wrong! The unflavored option has a very chemically taste, it makes me gag it is that bad. I should have just got the sweet and tried adding it to something else. I was trying to avoid purchasing energy drinks because of all the other things in them, but I would rather continue to purchase the energy drinks. The other thing is, I really didn’t think the caffeine gave me that boost that I am used to. I see all 7 of the other reviews are 5 stars so I doubt mine will make the cut, but if it does I hope someone can find this useful. I went with 2 stars because the shipping was fast and they threw in some free samples. Though there was no shipping info, it just showed up.

    • Grant Feenstra (verified owner)

      We are sorry to hear that you didn’t like Liquid Caffeine. The flavor you describe it what Caffeine tastes like, and yes it is quite bitter. Even the Sweet flavor has this bitter caffeine flavor to some degree. Especially if you are used to energy drinks. Our goal is to provide a source of unadulterated caffeine. We don’t have all the artificial flavors and sweeteners in our caffeine for this reason. Also, if you have a high caffeine tolerance you might need to use more than a single pump of Liquid Caffeine. One pump only has 80 mg of caffeine in it, whereas energy drinks can have as much as 200 mg. The sugar in energy drinks can also give you a sugar high which you will not receive with Liquid Caffeine. Once again this is because we do not add sugar to our caffeine in the pursuit of purity. We recommend adding Liquid Caffeine to a drink that has flavor to mask the bitterness. You can still choose something much healthier than an energy drink and get your caffeine fix.
      Let us know if there is anything we can do to make you a believer in Liquid Caffeine.
      Liquid Caffeine

  9. Collin Lowe (verified owner)

    I’ve struggled with an on and off again relationship with keeping sodas and energy drinks in my house for as long as I can remember. This has made it really difficult for me to have any control over how much caffeine I consume, which has had a big impact on my mood, my ability to maintain a consistent sleep schedule, and the intense withdrawal headaches I’d get when trying to quit. With this liquid caffeine, I’ve started keeping carbonated water and syrups in my house, instead and mixing my own drinks. I’ve finally been able to quit keeping sodas in the house and now I have some control over how much caffeine I consume daily and when I consume it.

    • Grant Feenstra (verified owner)


      Thank you for the review. We are thrilled that Liquid Caffeine is helping you control your caffeine intake. The problems you mentioned in your review are some of the things Liquid Caffeine is meant to address. We hope we can keep helping you in your journey of controlled caffeine consumption thereby improving so many parts of your life.

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