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We love our customers! Here are some kind words from a few of them!

*Just placed my second order. I had been taking expensive energizer supplements with mixed results. I decided to try your product and you made a me into a repeat customer. It has already got me through a 60 hour workweek. I’ve given it to a couple of co-workers and they like it also. Carry it in a energy shot bottle. On workdays 1 teaspoon with my coffee in the morning and depending on the day 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons in water during break times. Keeps me focused and energized.

*This will be my fourth order of the 32oz regular. I love this stuff, I also love how they have stuck extras in my order as well. It’s always a nice surprise to get more that what you expected! I am more than satisfied with this company and if you are on the fence about ordering go ahead and do it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s far far cheaper to make your own energy ________ than to buy it. I don’t care what specials or promos the drink companies offer, you simply can not beat this. Everything comes very well packaged, very protected, and it’s like Christmas every time I get my order in!
William W

*Got this stuff back when it was 5150. Helped through my first year of a job with crazy hours (both time and shift length). Mixed it with OJ and it did the job just right! Make sure you dilute it but I say that not so much because of the slight bitter taste but rather the caffeine needs plenty of water to go through your bloodstream effectively. The only energy drink that could touch it was Cocaine(the actual energy drink, not the drug).

*I use your liquid caffeine in my hair regrowth formula. Stronger than you can get in consumer preparations. Advertise this and it will definitely boost sales!

*2 tablespoons in my 28 oz water bottles, and my 50 mile bike rides zip on by. LOVE THIS STUFF!!

*Hello, First off, I love your product. I have been trying to find some kind of energy supplement that I could use for a while, and yours is the first that worked –though I am confused as to why taking 1 teaspoon of your product worked, and yet drinking a Mega Monster and an Extra Strength Monster at the same time did absolutely nothing, but I digress–. The main thing I was wondering is why you chose to change the name from “5150 Juice” to “Liquid Caffeine.” Sure, it’s more descriptive, but”5150 Juice” is more catchy and memorable. I still find myself telling people what I just took was “5150 Juice” and then correcting myself to
“Liquid Caffeine.” Your Satisfied Customer, Fen
Vintage Fenrir

*I still drink my monsters, just because i like the taste. but, if I want a kick of real energy I turn to my liquid caffeine now. A guy at drill was drowsy and asked me for some. I gave him about a cap full and he stayed frosty the rest of the day. Wanted to know where to get it. Thanks Liquid Caffeine!

*I have used Liquid Caffeine for a couple years now. Since I started I have drank very little soda and rarely drink the overly sugary “energy drinks”. I now make my own drink every morning. I highly recommend Liquid Caffeine!
Josh ,

*I put two tablespoons in a 32oz water bottle when I bike or run.
A quick energy pick up.


*My favorite drink is Rooibos. It is naturally caffiene free which has kept me nursing a hefty engergy drink addiction that runs two bucks a can. There is however a lot to be said for unnatural Rooibos, teeming with caffiene molecules for pennies on the cup. Thank you Grant for making it possible and thank you for your prompt and courteous customer service. PS – The free samples are going to be stocking stuffers this year!

*I have ordered 3 32oz bottles and I have to say Grant is a stud.. Super prompt shipping and feedback. Every time I get an email it is very personal and asking for sincere feedback from me!!! You can tell he is building his company with the most important thing first ..the customer!!! all that crap aside the product ROCKS!!!! use it everyday. I add it to Mio and green tea. tastes great and works awesome!!! I also noticed its a very “clean” energy, hard to explain but it feels refined. No gitters No crash. I highly recommend it.
Sterling Montierth

*Just like they said “We ship everything USPS 2-3 day Priorty Mail” got it real quick thanks gg
Bob, nascar

*The liquid caffeine arrived very fast, as advertised, and when tested, it worked immediately. I could feel it for about four hours, there was no crash, and it kept me awake for the rest of the day. Highly recommended and I plan on advertising it to all of my friends now. Compared to other energy supplements, liquid caffeine is very cheap, and works way better than expected.

*The package arrived! Quicker than I thought it would. I must say thanks again. The small packets are amazing. Def going to have one on me at all time. For my first test I just added it to a 20oz bottle of water. I was expecting some kind of taste, but there was nothing at all. Tasted just like plain water. That really blew my mind. This should be sold everywhere, I mean you can make water into an energy drink. Who wouldn’t love that? Everyone in the office loves it. I have been handing them out to people, so far all is great! I’ve tried them in pretty much everything, water, non caffeinated sodas, pretty much whatever I’m drinking! I could have never thought how quick it would work. Way faster than an energy drink!
Harrison, USS Harry Truman

*Definitely the best product ever made! I took a challenge to lose some weight earlier this year and I chose to cut out soda completely. Without Liquid Caffeine I don’t think I would have been functional. Who wants to pay five or six bucks a day for energy drinks and coffee when you can get it for pennies in your gatorade? This stuff is awesome. I’ve lost 30 lbs this year and have kept it off with a healthy diet. I’ve let soda creep back in a little, but not nearly as much now that I’ve got my Liquid Caffeine to take care of my energy needs! Thanks so much for an awesome product!!!

*This stuff got me through law school. Have found nothing better. I highly recommend it.
Omar Serrato

*There isn’t a better deal out there if you need/want caffeine. Drop 150mgs of this in your favorite citrus drink, and you will have an instant energy drink. The citrus flavor will cut the bitterness of the caffeine; you won’t even notice it’s in there until you feel your blood rushing. Highly recommend this to hardcore caffeine drinkers. Your bank account will thank you.

*Works like a charm everytime i need to study till freaking 3 am. Love it to death.

*Awesome stuff!!!!!!!

My husband and I love this product! I traded my large sugary cappuccinos for caffeinated water, and my husband drinks less sodas now. I lost a few pounds, and now we both drink more water, as we all should. This is much healthier than the sugary options, or those Monster drinks that put some people in the hospital. Of course you must be careful when measuring, so this is great for responsible adults. I recommend starting with a minimal dose & if you still don’t feel awake, slightly increase it the next time. That way you’ll find the right dose without overdoing it. Thanks, Liquid Caffeine!!
— Robin A

I been looking and lurking for a few months while throwing my money away on multiple energy drinks a day. In Canada it costs $5 for an extra strenght 5 hour energy and 2/5 or 2/6 for Monster drinks. Grant set up a paypal order for me and had it sent in a timely manner. I received my order and i loved the fact there was some extras in there and that helped offset the crazy amount of money i lost in conversion from USD to CAD.
Buying this saves me approx. $270 a month!!
As for the product, I put one pump in my morning coffee, 2 pumps in my mottle of water for the day and then 2 pumps in my water for the gym.
The energy is much more “clean” then energy drinks. I find that i got no jitters and my mind stayed alot more focused then if a drank a Monster.
If anyone is hesitant on buying this product..then please rest assured it’s well worth the investment. In health, time and money!!
— Joseph C

I’ve been using this product from Grant and company for a few years and as I am NOT a soft drink or coffee drinker, this form of caffeine is PERFECT for my lifestyle! The company is slightly incredible in their response to an order. I live in northern NY now but it really doesn’t matter as they send the order out immediately and I usually get it in LESS than a week! While all users have their own way of consuming this substance, I, personally, take a teaspoon swig and chase it with OJ. I use it for sports, coaching and driving long distances and while my family may think this old man is crazy, this liquid caffeine is an extremely cost effective method for an energy boost as well as Grant’s very efficient processing system!
— Jeff S

Ordered 2 gallons of Liquid Caffeine and its awesome! I can make anything an energy drink and support my insane caffeine habits for a fraction the cost of energy drinks.
We made a special request that someone draw a dragon on the bottle because dragons are awesome and when the product showed up what should we find but a totally sweet dragon drawn on one of the bottles! Thanks Liquid caffeine for being awesome. Also the pump is awesome, highly recommend.
— Nate

I had been using a large bottle that I got from them back when they were 5150 and now that I’m trying to lose weight again it was time for some more to replace my energy drinks. I put it in LaCroix or other sparkling waters and it’s just as effective and waaaayyy better for you. Customer service is fantastic. I had an issue with my shipment and emailed them. They took care of it first thing on the next business day, it was Saturday when I emailed. They gave me zero hassle and went beyond my expectations to resolve the issue. I will use Liquid Caffeine without hesitation again and again.
— Philip W

Placed my order and it was at my house within 4 days. I’m more than happy with the service and product and will be recommending it to my friends and co-workers.
— Sam D

I don’t leave reviews, let alone testimonials. However, this product deserves just that. I’ve saved money not buying energy drinks and making my own. This caffiene (for me) works better than any energy drink could as well. As a skeptical buyer, I highly recommend this product.
— Thomas N

I’m making home-made energy drinks because I don’t like how any of the ones on the market taste but I love the feeling they give me. I got Liquid Caffeine to put in my own drinks to experiment with different tastes. I love the product and it makes it so that I can make my own drinks for a fraction of the price!
— Rokon

You wake up. You shower. You make a cup of coffee. You sit back and squint your aging eyes through your peeling ceiling. Your thousand yard stare catches, as your consciousness drifts through the veil of quantum might-being which morning brings, the inchoate specter of some ineffable Eternal. You gazes wearily at what you can only suspect is your creator as It gazes back, an endlessly convecting nebula of raw potential yet one from which you can still feel the wan rays of mild, distant disapprobation heat your cheeks. Though they lick sharply, though they are unpleasant, you welcome them for the cessation of stupefaction they represent, the end of the deeply anesthetized melancholy which has tickled timidly at the back of your throat, at the hairs on your head, at your tips of your fingers as they brush shyly along the length of rope you’ve kept at bedside for as long as you can remember.
You blink once. Twice. You pump two aliquots of Liquid Caffeine™ into your coffee and drain it in one go. The clamoring of the torment of a billion billion mortal souls which echoes ceaselessly across existential planes finally begins to recede, and you pull on some clothes. You need to get to work.
— Hartford C

I use a sodastream to make my sodas. The syrups are way too expensive. After an internet search, I found Liquid Caffeine. I placed an order and to arrived very quickly. Now, I make my syrups using the 2 quart coolaid packets. I get a good choice of flavors and I add caffeine to them. I use an old Sodastream syrup container and mix all 6 coolaid packets into the container, add a few pumps of Liquid Caffeine and then add filtered water. It mixes well and measures using the cap, like the expensive syrups. Liquid Caffeine has saved me a lot of money. Their product is GREAT!!!
— David N

The customer service has been fantastic and my orders have arrived expeditiously. I add the product to water with lemon flavor and Stevia to make a caffeinated beverage in the morning in place of coffee. I have not noticed a bitter aftertaste. I am in daily coffee drinker generally, and found the liquid caffeine gave me the same wake-up call that my normal beverage does. On mornings when I exercise, sometimes I will add liquid caffeine to my water, lemon and sweetener following my cup of coffee and I find I have extra energy during my workout. I heartily recommend this product. I have noticed crystallization on the nozzle after repeated use, but it washes away easily with water and does not seem to affect the taste.
— Melissa D

I am a software engineer and have many late nights and early mornings where I have to perform with a lack of sleep. After drinking energy drinks like Monster and Amp for years I decided to find a healthier alternative. I found Liquid Caffeine and ordered two 16 ounce bottles. I was amazed at how clean the energy lift was! I have been using it now for over a year, mixing it with a glass of juice every morning. It helps me maintain focus and energy throughout the day.
— Christopher M

I have spent more money that I like to admit on every kind of pre workout formula made. Nothing comes close to this product. The energy is amazing. But what blows me away is what it does to my focus for the entire day. I get to the gym at 4:45 am, a few pumps of this, and I’m ready to go. No crashing, no nothing. Perfect.
— Scott M

Ok, after using liquid caffeine for almost a year, telling my friends about it, and being incredibly pleased at the options, I’m now writing to say…if you are wasting money on all of that over-sugared “rock-star” type drink mush crap;
do yourself a favor and purchase LIQUID CAFFEINE immediately.
Try it with your favorite fruit juice, a smoothie or as a small dash in your coffee for a extra boost.
Smooth and clean, and no crash.
I always drink 30 minutes before my morning run,
and it gets me out and fueled up for a productive day.
Keeps me well alert until the normal 3pm taper-off.
This IS the ONLY product that works as described. Seriously.
Thank you to all of those at LIQUID CAFFEINE for an outstanding product!
— Stephen F

Liquid caffeine is the best love it
— Cindy G

I’ve used Liquid Caffeine for a number of years and it’s made a big change on what I drink. The soda drinks that used to start in the early morning have stopped and I drink water or flavored water instead. Mtn. Dew, Red Bull, Diet Coke and others are “outta my fridge”. The other huge benefit is that I don’t experience the “crash” as the day goes
— Neil F

I love this stuff. I put three squirts in my water at work when I need a little extra to get my work done.
— Todd

I love the convenience and effectiveness of the product although I tend to squeeze out two ounces into my old MIO containers and then take one to school, have one on the counter at home, one in the car, etc.

The flavor isn’t too bad but then again I can tolerate a 5 hour energy no problem.

It seems a little “cheap” to not give a dispenser to at least each new customer rather than selling them – if you just built it into the price no one would probably be the wiser.

I did not like that it had a 2-3 month expiration date since I am not a chronic caffeine slammer.

I have heard negative things about Sodium Benzoate – – are there other healthier preservatives you could use?
— Eric

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