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  • I’ve done a testimonial already but thought it should be pointed out that there are probably 20 or 30 people using this product because of me… Every single one has the same experience… no sodas or energy drinks and just water or something like my favorite Peach flavored Clear American from WalMart. Now I spend about a dollar a day for 33+ oz of healthier hydration. Thanks for your product, Grant!

    Neil F.

  • I’ve used Liquid Caffeine for a number of years and it’s made a big change on what I drink. The soda drinks that used to start in the early morning have stopped and I drink water or flavored water instead. Mtn. Dew, Red Bull, Diet Coke and others are “outta my fridge”. The other huge benefit is that I don’t experience the “crash” as the day goes.

    Neil F.

  • 2 tablespoons in my 28 oz water bottles, and my 50 mile bike rides zip on by. LOVE THIS STUFF!!


  • My husband and I love this product! I traded my large sugary cappuccinos for caffeinated water, and my husband drinks less sodas now. I lost a few pounds, and now we both drink more water, as we all should. This is much healthier than the sugary options, or those Monster drinks that put some people in the hospital. Of course you must be careful when measuring, so this is great for responsible adults. I recommend starting with a minimal dose & if you still don’t feel awake, slightly increase it the next time. That way you’ll find the right dose without overdoing it. Thanks, Liquid Caffeine!!

    Robin A.

  • I purchased 4 bottles of Liquid Caffeine and I’m disappointed… that I didn’t buy 8! I love caffeinating my smoothies and water. Not only is it extremely convenient and cost effective, it’s the best caffeine buzz I’ve had in years!

    Gus B.

  • The Liquid Caffeine arrived very fast, as advertised, and when tested, it worked immediately. I could feel it for about four hours, there was no crash, and it kept me awake for the rest of the day. Highly recommended and I plan on advertising it to all of my friends now. Compared to other energy supplements, Liquid Caffeine is very cheap, and works way better than expected.


  • Just placed my second order. I had been taking expensive energy supplements with mixed results. I decided to try your product and you made me into a repeat customer. It has already got me through a 60 hour workweek. I’ve given it to a couple of co-workers and they like it also. Carry it in an energy shot bottle. On workdays, 1 teaspoon with my coffee in the morning and depending on the day 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons in water during break times. Keeps me focused and energized.


  • Got this stuff back when it was 5150. Helped through my first year of a job with crazy hours (both time and shift length). Mixed it with OJ and it did the job just right! Make sure you dilute it but I say that not so much because of the slight bitter taste but rather the caffeine needs plenty of water to go through your bloodstream effectively. The only energy drink that could touch it was Cocaine (the actual energy drink, not the drug).


  • Ok, after using Liquid Caffeine for almost a year, telling my friends about it, and being incredibly pleased at the options, I’m now writing to say…if you are wasting money on all of that over-sugared “rock-star” type drink mush crap; do yourself a favor and purchase LIQUID CAFFEINE immediately. Try it with your favorite fruit juice, a smoothie or as a small dash in your coffee for an extra boost. Smooth and clean, and no crash. I always drink 30 minutes before my morning run,
    and it gets me out and fueled up for a productive day. Keeps me well alert until the normal 3pm taper-off. This IS the ONLY product that works as described. Seriously. Thank you to all of those at LIQUID CAFFEINE for an outstanding product!

    Stephen F.

  • It’s nice to not have to drink added dyes, sugars, and chemicals anymore. I can’t stand coffee, so Liquid Caffeine really is helping me make better choices. Awesome stuff!!!


  • Definitely the best product ever made! I took a challenge to lose some weight earlier this year and I chose to cut out soda completely. Without Liquid Caffeine I don’t think I would have been functional. Who wants to pay five or six bucks a day for energy drinks and coffee when you can get it for pennies in your gatorade? This stuff is awesome. I’ve lost 30 lbs this year and have kept it off with a healthy diet. I’ve let soda creep back in a little, but not nearly as much now that I’ve got my Liquid Caffeine to take care of my energy needs! Thanks so much for an awesome product!!!


  • I love Liquid Caffeine! I have been doing “keto and Intermittent fasting” now for about a year and unfortunately for me coffee makes me nauseous and just feel sick. But since I found Liquid Caffeine I still get my morning “pick me up” without breaking my fast or any extra stuff (i.e. sugar, food coloring and a bunch of other stuff I can’t pronounce). Best recipe: 8oz heated water, a half of a lemon juiced, 2 pumps of liquid caffeine. No better way to start the day!


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