Stephanie C.

Great deal and an awesome product! Great for those days when you may not want coffee, but still need to wake up 😉


Awesome product. My husband and I have been ordering regularly since June 2015. In our hectic lives, we usually don’t have time for a real breakfast on weekdays. 10ml of this stuff adds 160mg of caffeine to our breakfast protein shakes that we take with us for the drive to work. This product gives our breakfast shortcut the kick that we need to get that extra edge for morning productivity.

Neil F.

I’ve used Liquid Caffeine for a number of years and it’s made a big change on what I drink. The soda drinks that used to start in the early morning have stopped and I drink water or flavored water instead. Mtn. Dew, Red Bull, Diet Coke and others are “outta my fridge”. The other huge benefit is that I don’t experience the “crash” as the day goes.

Stephen F.

Ok, after using Liquid Caffeine for almost a year, telling my friends about it, and being incredibly pleased at the options, I’m now writing to say…if you are wasting money on all of that over-sugared “rock-star” type drink mush crap; do yourself a favor and purchase LIQUID CAFFEINE immediately. Try it with your favorite fruit juice, a smoothie or as a small dash in your coffee for an extra boost. Smooth and clean, and no crash. I always drink 30 minutes before my morning run, and it gets me out and fueled up for a productive day. Keeps me well alert until the normal 3pm taper-off. This IS the ONLY product that works as described. Seriously. Thank you to all of those at LIQUID CAFFEINE for an outstanding product!

Scott M

I have spent more money than I like to admit on every kind of pre workout formula made. Nothing comes close to this product. The energy is amazing. But what blows me away is what it does to my focus for the entire day. I get to the gym at 4:45 am, a few pumps of this, and I’m ready to go. No crashing, no nothing. Perfect.

Christopher M.

I am a software engineer and have many late nights and early mornings where I have to perform with a lack of sleep. After drinking energy drinks like Monster and Amp for years I decided to find a healthier alternative. I found Liquid Caffeine and ordered two 16 ounce bottles. I was amazed at how clean the energy lift was! I have been using it now for over a year, mixing it with a glass of juice every morning. It helps me maintain focus and energy throughout the day.

Melissa D.

The customer service has been fantastic and my orders have arrived expeditiously. I add the product to water with lemon flavor and Stevia to make a caffeinated beverage in the morning in place of coffee. I have not noticed a bitter aftertaste. I am a daily coffee drinker generally, and found the Liquid Caffeine gave me the same wake-up call that my normal beverage does. On mornings when I exercise, sometimes I will add Liquid Caffeine to my water, lemon and sweetener following my cup of coffee and I find I have extra energy during my workout. I heartily recommend this product. I have noticed crystallization on the nozzle after repeated use, but it washes away easily with water and does not seem to affect the taste.


I’m making home-made energy drinks because I don’t like how any of the ones on the market taste but I love the feeling they give me. I got Liquid Caffeine to put in my own drinks to experiment with different tastes. I love the product and it makes it so that I can make my own drinks for a fraction of the price!

Thomas N.

I don’t leave reviews, let alone testimonials. However, this product deserves just that. I’ve saved money not buying energy drinks and making my own. This caffeine (for me) works better than any energy drink could as well. As a skeptical buyer, I highly recommend this product.

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