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Liquid Caffeine: One pump = one cup of coffee

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This means caffeine with no sugar, no added chemicals, no gut rot, and best of all no crash! You get a steady stream of energy from the caffeine without the “crash” or ups and downs caused by typical energy drinks. Turn your favorite drink into an energy drink with Liquid Caffeine! Simply add the desired amount to your drink and feel the burst of energy that lasts all day!

We Guarantee the Best Price, Quality, and easiest to use Caffeine on the market.

One 16oz bottle contains caffeine equivalents to:

  • 100 8oz cups of coffee
  • 100 cans of Redbull
  • 50 cans of Monster
  • 58 5hr energy drinks

One 16oz bottle of Liquid Caffeine is only $16.95 with FREE shipping! Use the FREE pump (included with purchase) to dispense the equivalent of ONE CUP OF COFFEE!


I have used Liquid Caffeine for a couple years now. Since I started I have drank very little soda and rarely drink the overly sugary “energy drinks”. I now make my own drink every morning. I highly recommend Liquid Caffeine!
There isn’t a better deal out there if you need/want caffeine. Drop 150mgs of this in your favorite citrus drink, and you will have an instant energy drink. The citrus flavor will cut the bitterness of the caffeine; you won’t even notice it’s in there until you feel your blood rushing. Highly recommend this to hardcore caffeine drinkers. Your bank account will thank you.

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Neil F.

I’ve used Liquid Caffeine for a number of years and it’s made a big change on what I drink. The soda drinks that used to start in the early morning have stopped and I drink water or flavored water instead. Mtn. Dew, Red Bull, Diet Coke and others are “outta my fridge”. The other huge benefit is that I don’t experience the “crash” as the day goes.

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Stephen F.

Ok, after using Liquid Caffeine for almost a year, telling my friends about it, and being incredibly pleased at the options, I’m now writing to say…if you are wasting money on all of that over-sugared “rock-star” type drink mush crap; do yourself a favor and purchase LIQUID CAFFEINE immediately. Try it with your favorite fruit juice, a smoothie or as a small dash in your coffee for an extra boost. Smooth and clean, and no crash. I always drink 30 minutes before my morning run, and it gets me out and fueled up for a productive day. Keeps me well

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Scott M

I have spent more money than I like to admit on every kind of pre workout formula made. Nothing comes close to this product. The energy is amazing. But what blows me away is what it does to my focus for the entire day. I get to the gym at 4:45 am, a few pumps of this, and I’m ready to go. No crashing, no nothing. Perfect.

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Why Liquid Caffeine?

Have you ever wondered why things are the way they are? We do & did! We asked ourselves why on earth do energy drinks need to be full of crap! From food coloring to maltodextrin to weird sounding words you can’t even say! Not to mention the sugar! Oh the sugar!

We want something different. We want something healthier. We want clean energy! We want to be able to have the flexibility of adding an energy boost to anything. We want Liquid Caffeine.

Be it caffeinated water, to adding a few caffeine drops to your food, it is vital that we be able to get a quick boost to our bodies! Our caffeine is absolutely on point. It helps to provide sustained energy output for those times you really need to go the distance. Many of our customers use caffeine drops before a workout to bring the edge they’re looking for.

That is why we created Liquid Caffeine! We needed to get a solid stream of energy without all of the added junk into typical energy drinks.




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